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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Here is the one video which will tell you how to shop online for 99% discount deals in India. Online Shopping website which provide you upto 99% discount while shopping.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Srisree win online auction of online DTH recharge on 30th Dec 2013.
Online DTH Recharge

Here is recorded video for auction on DTH recharge from

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

There are so many stores on the high street nowadays and for those looking to infiltrate this market it can often prove to be a tough and arduous task. We live in an era of intense competition and everyone is looking at ways in which they can make their own personal fortune.Retail Clothing
You really do have to distinguish yourself from the rest if you stand any chance of securing that diverse client base you need to ensure your business is prosperous in the long term.
There are just too many different ways in which you can fall down these days, the high street stores have such a strong market grasp and the internet only stores also have their target audience nailed down.
Just spend some time focusing your business strategy, this, in my opinion is perhaps the best way to go about running a successful business in general.
Being prepared for any eventuality is paramount and the best way to move forward is to spend the most amount of time at the start of your venture future mapping.
There are just so many businesses out there that have no growth strategy and end up stagnating very early on.

Drive and Determination

You have got to be driven and determined to succeed. It is like anything in life, if you want it enough you will reach where you want to reach. There are so many different clothing companies out there and I appreciate that it is tough to break through but you must have some passion and fight.
The key is in marketing, you must really want to break through and the best way to do this nowadays is to make sure your company name and brand is noticed online. We live in the internet age and thus it is essential to use this as a marketing tool.
Social media and search engine optimization are both important and you must have a branch of your company that is solely for marketing. Get in the face of people and spread the word about your company, when you see the profit rolling in you will thank yourself (and me)

The Right Stock

It is important to have the right stock, this is just fundamental. You must have products that are high quality but that make you enough profit. Check out the All Stores Clothing website for a good example of where to look.
This company sells a variety of items for both men, women and children and you can bulk buy them in order to maximize your profit per item. It is just logical business but you as a boss must be thinking of these things yourself.

A Plan

Make sure that you have a strong business plan, there is absolutely no worth in jumping into a business head first, you will mess it up and cause untold levels of worry and stress. Forecast the future and spend the right amount of time working out how much profit you envisage and so forth.
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Jack has 15 years industry experience and loves his job. He began working as a freelancer straight out of university and has never considered another career since.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Auction Sites In IndiaThere are lots of online auction sites in India. But very few website are genuine. I have searched 100's of online bidding sites in india and participated in all the auction sites of india. Than few months back i found one online auction website on google called as is hottest online auction sites in india. It really different online bidding site. On's auction all are winners. If you loss the auction than also provides BUY it NOW option to there customer. Around 1000's auction has been won by Dealite's customer. really amazing auction website and where you can bargain for products.

Monday, 2 December 2013


If you are looking for best online bidding website in INDIA than your on right place.

Here is the best online auction website in India called as

Dealite is a disruptive Mumbai-based social commerce startup conceptualized by ex-eBay, ex-PayPal, IIM-A alumni. The founding team includes best of breed eCommerce, online payments, sourcing, marketing and advertising veterans with over 52 years of online experience. Our proposition is to provide a disruptive and simple online marketplace (targeting both auction buyers and sellers) for fantastic deals.

You can win your favorite products at an unbeatable price by bidding online amongst limited bidders in any available auction. Simply buy a seat at your preferred auction and experience how easy it is to bid and win your dream product. If you do not win, you can avail Buy It Now and get back 100% of your seat cost and paid bids.

We believe Dealite is an auction site with a difference. Our unique eCommerce model takes online bidding and auctions to a new level, with an aim to be the market leader in the booming Indian eCommerce domain. Unlike other deal sites, Dealite not only offers exclusive quick-format online auctions for latest products, but also brings you deals and discounts at up to 99% off on product MRP. Each auction has a limited number of seats to give you a realistic chance of winning the auction and get great discounts. Dealite provides you with secure payment options and priority delivery to ensure that our auctions are user friendly and offer a great shopping experience to all Dealiters.

Our mission is to break the price barrier for aspirational Indians and combine entertainment with shopping in a unique and fun online auction experience.

We hope you enjoy and come back often!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

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Steps to use Yebhi discount voucher online:
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  • e.g. If you use Rs. 10000 Voucher for a Rs. 475 transaction, only Rs. 475 is redeemed and the balance amount can be redeemed during other transactions
  • Can use multiple upto maximum of 5 vouchers for a single transaction 
  • e.g. You can redeem 5 vouchers of Rs. 2000 each for a single txn. of Rs. 10500 and pay the remaining Rs. 500 online (Credit/ Debit card or Net banking)
  • Can be clubbed with other online form of payments 
  • e.g. For a Rs. 10200 transaction, you can redeem the Rs. 10000 voucher and pay the rest online (Credit/ Debit card or Net banking)
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Here is the answer for best online mobile prepaid recharge site.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Are you looking for Free Mobile Recharge Sites in India?

Hmm... You are on right blog.

Top 3 of New Free Mobile Recharge Site in India.

1. gives Free Moblie Recharge auctions in India.

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2. Airtel

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